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Personal Energy Updates

Changing you at a deeper level

Human beings are so complex, as well as our physical body we are also made up of energy fields that need healing for us to be unencumbered of the past.

We are effected by vibration and electricity. We are affected by music, either positively or negatively. It can be uplifting , invigorating and make us feel joyful. It can also be sad and melancholy and make us reflective or cry.

In the same way we are reactions to big and small events trigger vibrations to set forth within us and can cause dents in our energy field, which continue to vibrate in a damaged way.

We all know what if feels like when a loved one shouts and screams at us. It can make us feel vulnerable and its like the poison arrows of others can be embedded in our being or psyche, affecting our health and well being and progression in life in every moment.

This is where Future Feng Shui can help with personal energy updates.

Using a system of Feng Shui, numerology and dowsing we create new energy frequencies which harmonise old and past energy patterns. The new energy frequencies we create, work from when they are connected to you, in effect replacing the old energy patterns.

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