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We transform the energy in your home and workplace at a quantum level to help optimise your health, sleep, relationships, finances, success and overall sense of wellbeing

What We Can Do For You

Using a unique combination of Numerology, Feng Shui and Dowsing we transform, update and optimise both your personal, home and business place energy. Thus creating a bespoke positive enviroment for you to thrive in.
Don’t delay this works.

For a complete overhall and transformation of your life, we recomend the following.

We look into your Personal Feng Shui [Gua] Directions, and transform from negative to positive.
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We recommend for your home and for your business:-

We check for and transform:
EMF from both your home and the local area.
Geopathic Stress lines
Hartmann Lines
Curry Lines
Negative Vortexes
Personal Zone lines
Interference lines
Negative energy frequencies from adjacent buildings 
Energy forms
Missing sectors in your building
Poison arrows
Ascension and Descension waves

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All of the above have a negative impact on the individual and can be very real contributors to ill health, both physical and mental, unhappy relationships and a lack of personal success.
We identify the areas that are causing problems for you and rectify them with the appropriate cures. 
This deep level 'cure' to your environment will help you transition from surviving to thriving. Personal relationships from doing well to exceeding even your own expectations. 
Most importantly the change in your personal environment very much helps create good health, and an inner peace and contentment
We tend to attract to ourselves other things that have the same vibration. When we optimise your home or workplace the new vibration has an immediate effect on your own energy frequency. 
In turn when our personal energy is raised to a higher vibration we draw towards us more pleasant people and experiences and of course it is literally better for your health.
We see people time and time again that are really suffering and instinctively know that their home or workplace place is having a profound detrimental effect on their life.
FUTURE FENG SHUI has been developed over ten years, specifically to identify and cure negative environmental factors.
There's no greater joy than helping people turn their lives around.


We work with you to protect your home or workplace from Geopathic Stress
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We check your Personal Feng Shui [Gua] Directions, and transform the negative directions to positive.
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We check your name and energetically change any letters that are clashing with your day of birth.
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We work with you to change your life for the better, whether working on enviromental
factors or on a personal level.
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Optimising Your Home And Business Energy

Using plans of your house, flat or building we can remotely stop many forms of stress lines from entering your property.
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Flying Stars

We can help subdue the negative flying stars and optimise the auspicious flying stars either on an annual or monthly basis
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Hartmann and Curry Lines

Hartmann and Curry lines are different kinds of electromagnetic earth currents. They have a wave pattern and flow in a grid pattern.
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Personal Energy Updates

Using a head and shoulders portrait we can remove any counter intentions you may have. Stop your mind having mixed messages and focus on the things you really want.
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Each letter of the alphabet corrsponds to a musical note. Using the letters of your name we create a bespoke melody that harmonises with your personal vibration.
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"I run a record shop in Stoke Newington, North London and Future Feng Shui has helped enormously and consistently pretty much since we opened over six years ago!
With his interest & knowledge in Feng Shui, he has been able to give me some great advice and also lots of hands-on practical applications to help facilitate a more successful shop."

Jason, Lucky Seven Music, Stoke Newington, London