Chinese Animal Signs

We find your Chinese clashing animal sign and transform it to a postivie & ascendant vibration.

Your year of birth dictates your clashing Chinese Animal sign.

The Chinese animal signs move in a 12 year cycle, each year brings a new animal. Did you know that each animal has secret friends and clashing animals. Whatever sign you are born under you will have astological allies who are the people who you naturally get on with and you will have people that you naturally clash with.

This can be really unpleasant if its a close family member or a close work colleague. As an example, people who are born in the year of the dragon often have good relationships with, Rooster year people and Rat year people as they are perceived as allies or harmonious friends to the Dragon. Where as people who were born in the year of the Rat will usually get on with The Ox and be harmonious with people born in a Dragon year.

This is what our last client said when he specifically asked us to work with family harmony. “i can’t belive what a difference this has made to mine and my sons relationship. i’ve gone from being really irrated by my son a lot of the time, to being much more understanding and empathic. Its trurly quie remarkable. He hangs out with me more and we argue a lot less. I couldn’t be more greatful for the work that Furuture Feng Shui has done."

“I always had a clashing relationship with my son, but thanks to Future Feng Shui, that has now changed and is much more positive."

Tom, London